About Us

Solara Designs, Inc. was founded by award-winning interior designer, Alison Solar.  As a professional member of the National and Local Interior Design Society (IDS), and National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA), Alison’s goal is to provide her clients with designs that combine creativity, attention to detail and individuality while offering quality products for any budget.  Her design process is thoughtful and customized to your specific needs, your desired aesthetics and the architectural integrity of your home.  Taking all of these into consideration translates into ensuring the success of your project!

Alison discovered her artistic abilities at an early age studying art at NYC High School of Art & Design and went on to earn an Interior Design degree from the Fashion Institute of Technology.  Alison’s technical and artistic training set her apart from other designers with her unique creative abilities. Her partnership with you, along with her personal attention to every detail of your renovation, assures your project will be a seamless and exciting venture.

“I believe that the unique relationship formed with my clients sets the foundation necessary to truly understand and meet their individual needs.”

Whether your style is traditional, contemporary, country or eclectic, Solara Designs can help you create the exact look you’ve always wanted for your home.

My Design Philosophy:

I perceive the designing of Interior spaces, such as kitchens and bathrooms, similar to creating a sculpture. The spaces are three-dimensional to me, and I utilize all my artistic abilities to design spaces that are pleasing to all of our senses. It's not only about the cabinetry or the plumbing of the space, but also about so many other things-- all the details like lighting, hardware, appliances, fixtures, floor plan and more.  I work together, as a team, with my clients, and we sculpt the space together.   Every aspect is important, and I help bring it all together with passion!